New willerby Brockenhurst 38 x 12 2018 Model £46,995

Willerby Brockenhurst

38 x 12 2 Bedroom


Front Patio Doors

Fully Double Glazed & Central Heated

Designed for the fun-loving, sociable family who like to make the most of their time away.

Generous seating

Generous sofa-style seating is ideal for entertaining or relaxing and feel cosy all year round. There’s even extra storage space to tidy your clutter and keep all of your souvenirs.

Large and practical kitchen

The large kitchen allows you to cook up your favourite holiday meals – not forgetting the integrated wine rack for life’s essentials!

And relax

Lots of contemporary added extras, including an expansive dressing table to get yourself glammed up for an evening out.



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